Monday, December 15, 2008

I love you

It’s quite a while that the govt of Bangalore cut down on the power cut. It’s the end of darkness and silence.

But I love power cuts. I have been following them since my childhood. Even after a typical middleclass family like mine bought what the great malayalee calls the "emergency"(lamps) in our living room. For a Malayalee power cut is always there with him; close to his heart, like a sibling. Yes- I miss my sibling. Oh!

You know they are fun, the power cuts.

During monsoon when people cant hear each others voice due the sounding rain, comes power cut, or as the sexy malayalee calls the "current cut ". It comes like death; anytime you wouldn’t expect. But for some it is time to rejoice, esp if you are a homework hater and an anxious bed wooer. That is exactly because light is a villain in both these cases.

I would mind giving anything to my Sis except candles or kerosene lamps. I should tell you, though I hated the carbon emitting kerosene lamps, I always thought a jinn would emerge from it one day and save me from the cruel teachers; for the kerosene lamps looked like an antique Arabic Magic lamp. I had also told my parents that studying with my sister on the same table with the same lamp lit would annoy me as she looked cruel in the dim light, but I loved the bees and always helped them from falling into trap of the candles.

I loved the darkness which power cuts brought and most often fell asleep skipping my dinner which I never cared for. Still I liked to spend time in the kitchen with Amma enjoying her songs. I also liked to hear gossips which my cousins and aunts would tell my mom and often pretended as if I were deep asleep. Generally I liked to hear others speak in a low voice because if you shout during a power cut, then you are supposed to be an enemy of your neighbor.
I love power cuts at night because people tend to be introverts at that point. They start speaking to themselves. I am sure there would be less of notice and world seems so nice.

I love power cuts because I hate to act.

1.All Malayalees come home…Power cut is calling, "where are you?" .I mean come home for power cuts only if you like Salty flies in your Hot Kanji, which goes well. Great mouth watering….

2.Hey, can’t we promote power cut tourism, its great; Gods Own Country; mind you!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


am addicted
To Coffee:
Yes I am addicted. Keeps me alive.

To Internet:
I have been using Internet for free since the last 7 years and therefore became addict; can’t stay away for many days. I have a set of sites and blogs I visit in a gap of hours

To News channels:
I am addicted to all the news channels on the TV. As soon as I switch the tv on, I go to these channels. I am crazy enough to watch Kannada, Tamil, Guajarati, Telugu channels though I usually don’t understand most of it.

To Carnatic music:
Addicted to classical. Will go to any place if I find there is a Classical concert at any point of time. Spends a lot of money buying CDs and spend a lot of time in the Internet hearing.

To Calling home

I am addicted to calling my home everyday.Wherever i am

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Diwali

I am on a frequent travel form Bangalore to Kerala and back. This is with respect to building, rather renovating my home. The work is in progress and I am really stressed. I want to write a hundred thousand things…but there isn’t any mood or time. I am totally tired. There is no ticket available in trains. I am on waiting list most of the days.

Future months are dark. I am lost.
Take care anyways!
Happy Diwali

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What connection?

What is common with all these movies?
1)Sex and the City
2)Mamma Mia
3)Devil wears the prada
4)Die Hard 4.0
5)Indiana Jones
Correct answers to win attractive Chocolates!

No one has come out with any answers.I am a loser .......tplang
Though in the office folks came with answers like "TV soaps","A" rated etc which were wrong.But one of them came out near the right answer

All has connection with Chocolates
Special edition Chocolates and Sponsorship promotions with Mars

1) Sex and the City-Galaxy the news here

2) Mamma Mia-Maltesers …watch advert here

3) Devil wears the prada-Galaxy…watch advert here

4) Die Hard 4.0-Snickers watch advert here

5) Indiana Jones-M&Ms and Snickers read the news here

Die Hard even had a scene where Bruce Willis was seen eating Snickers…But “Directors final cut” removed it.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Whatever you need

I trust you

As long as I’m there,
I trust you
I know you are right
But I trust you not for that rightness.
It is solely for your life
Your secrets-
Shall ever remain as they are!

I trust you though we haven’t met
Ever in life-nor meet ever
Still I need to tell you that
I trust you.
Because trust is what you need.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


(Sound of dog barking)
Tak tak tak
Open the door…open the door
Eash: who is it?
Lak: Its me..Lak

Eash opens the door

Lak: I am..I am lost ...she ran away
Lak:the girl whom I .......loved
(Hugs) ...(Cries)
Eash: Come inside
Lak: what should I do? I need your advice
Eash: come lets cook food and then sleep...Otherwise come lets watch tv

Summary of the story
The best friends in life are people who know that you are brainless and still ask your opinion on critical matters

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ultimate destination

When I travel in the Kanyakumari express train, the best of beautiful women desert me at Palakkad, the remaining best at Trissur. I still keep traveling further to reach home because even though all beautiful things desert you, your home remains as the most beautiful comfort.

I am off to my ultimate comfort tomorrow

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mr. Kapil,the poet

So Mr. Solicitor
I saw you write poems
I saw
Walking the poem

Your poem on Atal
On Dec6!
On your next fly,
Please write one on Kashmiri Pandits?

You say “think beyond the nose”
Left sucks, isn’t it?
You say you wrote one on Inflation
Didn’t see you recite, because
London seems a cozy read
And wife’s shopping euphoria!

Never to forget, Nehru, your leader
Was more a English than you!

So did10, Jan path Mam like it?
May you get something like Mr.Doc!
Next time Sibal the giant supress
Bureaucratic files thamasha

Stay on stay on
Be more secular, end your life
In a bomb blast!

*I just saw Kapil Sibal on Walk the Talk.He recently published his poems!


तू बिन बताये मुझे ले चल कही,
जहा तू मुस्कुराये मेरी मंजिल वही !!
-प्रसून जोशी
Don’t know why I felt so nice hearing this.
Time is something which defies us all. I often find myself thinking that we are underestimating time. Life has evolved in billions of years, still to continue for another billion and more…considering the number of years we spend in this life, time is just so little. When we observe the bigger picture of time, war and peace; birth and death etc are so insignificant.
Not worried about all these,we love to live and we have thirst for peace. It is the basic instinct which defines life . . .

Today my life is engineered out of some hope
So am I asking time...please take me out somewhere...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The snack

Life is like a four o’clock snack. Sweet with laughter, spicy with struggles. What life snacks without salty tears sometimes?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Threat of Jihad and Kerala

The Country of the God is the most treasured hub of terrorist. December 6, 1997 when a bomb blasted in Alappey express train in Trissur, there were uproar to nab terror links. The bombs seized form different parts of northern Kerala had similarity with the Attacks on RSS offices in Chennai and the bombings at the residence of Manirathnam, the legendary director of patriotic movies like Bombay and Roja.

A decade down the line Terrorism has grown and flourished in Kerala. Though Madani was let off free in the meticulously planned Coimabtore blasts; there were many other Malayalees who were convicted among the 152 found guilty. What to say about C.A.M Basheer who was the most active member of the 2003 Bombay blasts

Kozhkodite Yahya Kamakutty( a REC Calicut product), a Simi activist who was an Ex IT Professional (Wipro and GE) was arrested from his rented house in Bangalore with a lot of information about terror plots. Over a period of time, Yahya came in contact with Adnan, one of the prominent SIMI leaders in south India. Adnan, a resident of Bijapur used to stay with his brother at Annasandrapalya in Bangalore. Yahya's links to north Karnataka began after his introduction to Adnan. Yahya came in contact with the now arrested terror suspects Mohammed Asif, Asaduallah Abubaker, Shakeel Ahmed and Allabaksh, all active SIMI members, and Riyazuddin Nasir alias Mohammed Ghouse, a Pakistan trained Lashkar-e-Taiba activist. His network expanded after he attended the meetings organised by Adnan and his associates in north Karnataka in 2007.

Another terrorist from Erattupetta of Kottayam district Shibi Peediackal Abdul was arrested from Indore, MP who was the mastermind in the 2006 Mumbai Train serial blasts . Shibi is believed to have participated in a conclave of SIMI members at Ujjain from July 4-7, 2006, where plans to revitalise the `jihad` in india were discussed. Several members of the cell which executed the Mumbai serial bombings later participated in it.

In 2006 at a small place in Panayikulam, Eranakulam(Happy Auditorium) a few SIMI people were caught on a secret meeting .One of them was Shibi. His brother Shaduli, Shamaz, Anzaar Maulavi ,Nizzamudin,Abdul rafeeq and Radhid, a teacher by profession were few among 18 terrorists caught. They were remanded under police custody. An MLA went and met them in Jail five days after this. Afterwards case was falsified and all of them escaped. Later they trained around 40 armed terriorts in Thangal para,Vagamon of Iduukki district

Ironically Anzar Maulavi and Saduli were caught after the Jaipur Blasts.

There are reports that there are 100 SIMI activists who got training like the Army are involved actively in Kerala, this has come out from the Intelligence Bureau. Last year MP police destroyed one SIMI training camp and caught 13 activists from Cheraal near to Bhopal. Here activist from Kerala also got trainingalong with the people from Jharkhand and Karnataka .While destroying the camp police seized 122 gelatin sticks and 100 detonators .The Pak terrorists who were arrested in Kumali Market of Idukki district few months back have intensified the need for stringent laws to tackle terror.

Coming back to Bangalore blasts, initial investigation proved that it had similarity with the blasts of 2006 at the municipal Bus stations, Kozikode. Later there are unconfirmed reports that two malayalees are arrested in Bangalore. TOI reported that Kerala police are on the lookout for truck laden with explosives which they believe entered the state on July 26.This truck is supposed to have gone from Mangalore. Later there has been a look out at the cyber stations. The “e-Mail”s which was opened in different parts of Kerala by four people intensifies the depth and reach of their growth and participation in the Bangalore and Ahamadabad blasts. Mudikkal Palipparambil Ismael from Perumbavoor who was dismissed form Kerala Police earlier is allegedly being interrogated in the Bangalore blasts. Reports suggest terrorists linked to this plot, hide in many places in Kerala and Lakswadeep.

The costal districts of Kasargod, Kozikkode, Malappuram and Eranakulam have become a hub for anti national elements. Defense Minister A.K Antony confirmed of such a threat. Last year weapons including AK 47s were seized in Cochin Shipyard. There has been a huge amount of bogus money flowing into the state which is diverted to terrorism and business. . This month, Police arrested .Jihadi- Communist leader K M Shamsudeen with fake Indian currency notes. CPM's regional leader carrying fake currency notes with a face value of Rs 100,000 was taken into custody from State Bank of India (SBI) at Ambalamedu in Ernakulam. Fake currencies printed in London by Pakistan's ISI reaches India via Middle East and is smuggled to Kerala by the traitor Jihadi's- No Matter their Political affiliation

The fake phone call threats could just be an idea to divert attention. The criminal politicians of Kerala should realize the intensity of their unholy alliances .The next target could be Guruvaoor, Vadakkum Natha Temple or Shabarimala. The National Security Advisor to the PM, M.K.Narayanan had himself rushed to Guruyavoor to convey this last year.

Let’s closely watch how Achudanandan deals with this. Should he understand the gravity of the situation, people of my state would be on a safer side!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bomb- in spite of high security

Friend IMs me that the ‘bomb is in’

I raise my head like a snake from the pit. Few cubicles away,bomb opens the Laptop .Looks around and makes sure that all men are looking at her. She enters the username and then the password (may be password and then the username because she is recently married).She is still standing.

She just looked around to make sure that still all men are looking at her. I started writing.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


It’s now a long time that I have wrote something. I just found this “I” tag in Dhanya’s blog. Thinking this would kill a bit of time before the Italy-Spain match which will begin in an hour. Here it goes...

I am: God (Appooppan told me)

I think: my client is a Walrus

I know: how to make Aviyal

I want: Kappa& Chammanthi right now

I have: a bad memory

I wish: we both were the same

I hate: the urban life

I miss: the monsoon

I fear: ICICI bank

I feel: comfortable on a stormy night

I hear: Soumya in Youtube

I smell: Kaalan, a Kerala dish

I crave: for a sexy wife

I search: for my cell everyday

I wonder: how can people act so much in life

I regret: if I had locked the bathroom that day

I love: to travel

I ache: my back most of the days

I care: my books, which I never want to lose until I die

I am not: like you

I believe: in people who can understand what I say

I dance: in winter

I sing: often in the bathroom

I cry: inside myself

I don’t always: please others

I fight: for my Country

I write: very bad English and a better Malayalam

I win: when I feel others are convinced by my point

I lose: when I feel my friends are lying

I never: cheat my team

I always: want to be in the snow

I confuse: myself over coffee and tea though I like coffee better

I listen: to myself when I am confused

I can usually be found: looking at the sky

I am scared: of settling down in Bangaluru

I need: to change my job

I am happy about: the way government has not controlled inflation.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Train

Suhruthu thala vacha paalathiloode nyan thirthadanathinu pooyi

(On the same rail, where my friend killed himself, I went on a pilgrimage)

- A.Ayyappan.

Many friends are married now. All seem to be pretty happy with the situation. My best friend had a baby two weeks before. He is currently in the Middle East and was extremely excited over the phone .

Another friend, P who got married in December seems to be really motivated. Thanks to the winter and the monsoon to come.

Yet another friend’s ad came in the Matrimony column in one of the leading news papers last Sunday “Nampoothiri parents seeks alliance for their only good-looking handsome, son,, MBA, currently working in the U.S. from educated girls of suitable caste. Please apply with horoscope to Box no: 99, Kottayam”.

So many of my friends are already married or getting married soon. Days are sunny .Now marriage looks like a cool idea. Moreover even if you are fat and dark you should look for a fair and slim girl. All depends on your money, family status and the job. After all the ratio of men to women in Kerala is 1000:1058.So your chances are high.Flowers are blooming. Today when I looked at the mirror I felt spectacular. I have become smarter and more handsome. The idea of owning a sexy house wife some naughty children are not far utopian.

I have just boarded the train. The train to the future...

I know future is the place where I need to spend the rest of my life. The destination is defined. Nobody has to pull the chain!


Yesterday in sleep I wrote a letter to my future in-laws which read something like this

Dearest In-laws,


Please could you send me as soon as possible, the washing machine and the dishwasher which you produced a couple of decades before…

Yours ever in respect,

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aggressive Mallu boys

Interview with a Mallu

Me: why are you sad?
Mallu: Bajji slapped Sree
Me: so…?
Mallu: He is the Mallu Youth Icon and see he cried, I too feel like crying
Me: Why did he cry for the slap
Mallu: It might have pained him a lot
Me: ok damn it…Why didn’t he give one back instead?
Mallu: We shouldn’t do that, it is not good; we should keep a good example for this country.
Me: Ok, so don’t you think it was funny that a young man cried aloud in front of the country
Mallu: May be he did it out of an embarrassment .It is his personal decision to do what ever he wants to do
Me:What do you think about his statement that "may be Bajji shook hand at the wrong place"
Mallu:See,Bajji is a spinner of the Ball
Me:Haha, I believe we are criticizing Sree out of proportion. But he was so aggressive in the field and it was actually stunning to see him cry
Mallu: See because Sree cried, Harbajan will be penalized. If Sree had done something, both would have suffered. So crying was the right thing to do at the right time.
Me: May be, but he turned out be a sentimental idiot than the usual aggressive bloke.
Mallu: hmm
Me: Thanks for your time, a pleasure talking to you!
Mallu: Thank you too

And I received a big comment on this interview from another Mallu(AKG,my previous roomie)

Here it goes…

I w’d like to draw ur attention on how we mathematicians & statisticians call as a ‘Prisoners Dilemma’ or a “Non-Zero-Sum-Game” can be applied to this context/situation/event.

The branch of ‘Game Theory’ that better represents the dynamics of the world we live in is called the theory of non-zero-sum games. Non-zero-sum games differ from zero-sum games in that there is no universally accepted solution. That is, there is no single optimal strategy that is preferable to all others, nor is there a predictable outcome. All what can be done is for the participants in the game/strategy to come out with a ‘win-win situation/strategy’

Lets take a look at the famous ‘Prisoners Dilemma’ proposed by Merril Flood.

Two criminals are captured by the police. The police suspect that they are responsible for a murder, but do not have enough evidence to prove it in court, though they are able to convict them of a lesser charge (carrying a concealed weapon, for example). The prisoners are put in separate cells with no way to communicate with one another and each is offered to confess.

If neither prisoner confesses, both will be convicted of the lesser offense and sentenced to a year in prison. If both confess to murder, both will be sentenced to 5 years. If, however, one prisoner confesses while the other does not, then the prisoner who confessed will be granted immunity while the prisoner who did not confess will go to jail for 20 years.

What should each prisoner do?


To help us determine the answer, let's come up with a payoff matrix for each prisoner. The value in each cell is the time spent in prison, so the prisoners will try to end up in the matrix cell with the lowest number. The first number of each pair refers to the prison time of prisoner 1, and the second number to prisoner 2.

Prisoner 2
Confess Not Confess
Prisoner 1 Confess 5,5 0,20
Not Confess 20.0 1,1

Let's assume the role of prisoner 1. We're looking to minimize our prison time. Since we have no way of knowing whether our partner in crime has confessed, let's first assume that he has not. If Prisoner 2 doesn't confess either, both will go to prison for 1 year. Not bad. But, if Prisoner 1 confesses, he will go free, while his partner rots away in jail. We'll assume that there is no "honor among thieves" and each prisoner only cares about minimizing his jail time. From the above discussion, it is obvious that if Prisoner 2 does not confess, Prisoner 1 is definitely better off confessing.

Now let's look at the other possibility. Say prisoner 2 confesses. If Prisoner 1 does not confess, he will go to jail for 20 years. But if he does confess, he will get only 5 years in prison. It is clearly better to confess in this case as well.

So is that it? Is the problem solved? Is each prisoner better off confessing? Well, it may seem so from the above discussion, but if we look at the payoff matrix, it is clear that the best payoff for both prisoners is when neither confesses! But game theory advocates that both confess.

This "game" can be generalized to any situation when two players are in a non-cooperative situation where the best all-around situation is for both to cooperate, but the worst individual outcome is to be cooperating player while the other player defects.

On the one hand, it is tempting to defect, or confess. Since you have no way of influencing the other player's decision, no matter what he does, you're better off confessing. But on the other hand, you're both in the same boat. Both of you should be sensible enough to realize that cheating undermines the common good.

There is no single "right" solution to the Prisoner's Dilemma (that's why it's a dilemma). Its implications carry into psychology, economics, and many other fields (and probably into cricket as well, as we’ll try to prove).

Now relate the same to Sree & Bhajji’s problem. They can either ‘collaborate’ or ‘Compete’ with each other. Take a look at the payoff matrix for both:

Note that to ‘Collaborate’ means to agree that you are at fault! To ‘Compete’ means that you argue that you are not at fault, while the other person is at fault!!

Bhajji’s Strategy
Collaborate Compete
Sree’s strategy Collaborate 5 match ban,5 match ban 0 match ban, 11 match ban
Compete 11 match ban,0 match ban 1 match ban,1 match ban

We’ll try to solve this problem from Sree’s point of view. Lets take Sree’s strategy. He would obviously try to minimize his own damage. Since he don’t know what Bhajji’s strategy would be, lets first assume that he (Sree) decides to ‘Compete’. Now assume if Bhajji also ‘Competes’, both will get only One match ban, since …which is not bad at all. On the other hand if Sree decides to ‘Collaborate’ then Bhajji will face 11 game ban, while Sree will walk free. i.e if it is clear that Sree is better off if he ‘Collaborates’

Now if Bhajji decides to ‘Collaborate’, & Sree decides to ‘Compete’ he will get 11 matches ban. But is he also ‘Collaborates’ then each will only be given 5 matches ban. Its clear here that the best strategy for Sree even here is to ‘Collaborate’

The second possibility is of course if Sree decides to ‘Compete’. If Bhajji decides to ‘Collaborate’ then Sree walks free and Bhajji gets 11 match ban. And if Bhajji also ‘Competes’ then each will get only 5 matches ban.

The best strategy therefore for both the players w’d be to ‘Collaborate’ (i.e agree that I am at fault). But the payoff matrix shows that the best solution w’d have been for oth of them to ‘Compete. But a zero sum game advocates that it is better to play ur cards safely even if that may not be the optimal solution, since ur not sure of what the other player might be thinking.

So had both of them agreed that they are fault at each other, the issue w’d have been settled nicely. On the contrary, the situation has turned out to be good for one of them and worse for the other. Fortunately or e it is Bhajji who has to suffer this time!!

Confused???Get back to me and I’ll reply with a clearer application of Game theory and the Zero/Non Zero Sum games!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wish me please like Dora did!

Its my birthday today!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Go googa laala

Today I got a mail from my client which just asked me

"Can you remind you when my holiday is?"

I Just reminded myself;

My holiday will start on the 9th.I am excited and is home sick right now

I wanna go home...

Monday, March 17, 2008

New Dreams!

I saw a Rainbow, just after it rained yesterday
A Rainbow all the way

Half am I able to tell, such beauty!

Even in that half, only half am I able to drive

Of shades infinite,unfade them on the sky

Always a sweet memory

Be, be not me, my life a trance

Can't forget such a glance

Of colours smell such fragrance!

Thousand thoughts

Just after it rained Yesterday!

Ever in my dreams did I cry?

No! Persuade my mind In darkness;

Ever you a light. The Rainbow!

Dreams never dreamt

Of Prosper high and Life delight

Just after it rained yesterday!

Ever did I have a chance

Bestow thy shadow on my face,

It shall bloom and I shall be You!

My mind shall be a mirror, reflect bliss

Thousand dreams

Just after it rained yesterday!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Conflicts in relationships:

Relationship is one of the most denounced words in the Blogosphere. I have always wondered what this word is and why folks hate it. Isn’t it a word of joy, a word of perseverance?

Relationships can be default, like what we have with our parents, siblings or any other family member. It happens by itself, in common language, the relationship of the blood. Think of orphans who have nothing to do with blood relation.

Relationships can be artless. You travel on a train and you meet someone. You are attracted enough to talk to him/her. You may or may not meet later, but you move on. Still you keep that memory, that warmth. I don’t know what that relationship is?

Time can be a factor in relationships. You may have hundreds of colleagues but ultimately a few turn out to be your friends. Relationships turn in course of time. Friends may become enemies and enemies may become friends. There is no logic in what I am saying, but it happens. If you are an enemy to someone, you still have a negative relationship with him.

It can be accidental. You meet your partner on a road or may be in a restaurant. You get attracted enough to talk to him and you walk away with him. There is no much + or – calculation done. It happens within no time. The decision is made.

Relationship can be a choice. You choose your partner from a hundred nominations. You are taking a chance. Most of the time you win. May be that is a compromised relationship, may be that is a true positive one.

Are relationships a chain?do they lock you at times not to be what you really are or what you really want to be? different encounters turn your life!

Are all encounters necessarily a relationship? Can be. We go to a place and love to get back there at some point. We are in a way making a relationship with it. In general, relationship is a mind game. All relationships are thought about, they never exist. It is a perception.

Still they provide happiness in different ways,though most of the relationships are to be missed at some point or the other.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cho eats too much!!

Its my home @ Bangalore and its late night and the theatre is on...
there are two guests here. Both are Virgins and are mad. I envy both cos they work from(for) home most of the days and I work the ridiculous office out.
And today @ Theatre are 3 actors
The story is of a Japanese writer turned actor, Jeremy Cho.
Cho is currently working @ Trivandrum and is a business analyst. His friend Valaulikar was working @ a famous research firm @ Bombay and is now employed in Bangalore
And the villain Sashi, a research consultant. me!
Cho is currently in Bangalore for some research and is working from Sasi's home. Meanwhile he is not paying Sashi any rent. Sashi is annoyed by this.
Also Valaulikar offered Sashi a flight to Kerala and later declined .Sashi is pissed off by this decision
Sashi decides to throw both Cho and Valaulikar out of his house at this time of the night.
Keep you posted on later developments if Sashi is alive...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Yesterday was my last day of life
Today I am a butterfly
I am a bee in my future births
After that
I am a wind
I am a wind in my future births

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Unniappam at my desk

“Eduthoo, Unniappama, eethu bhashakaranum thinnam”

Thursday, January 03, 2008


She sat on the sofa.Calm. Read something on Physics
“Every body perseveres in its state………except….by force impressed”
The sofa was now a bit old fashioned and evenings were more red some times.
She slept on the Sofa as if she was a virgin.
Later, from a car she read ‘Bombay-612 km’.Outside was green.
Bombay was a great city according to her. She read a lot and met people.
In her house, though laid on the table was this political book “Failed States”, unnoticed.
She returned back to her Village.
The Sofa had become more old fashioned and interestingly that was to some extent becoming the new fashion
She sat on in and wept.
Many moons later she got a letter.
“dear Mom….Americans treat me like hell, you are lucky enough to be free…..”
Later she met Ganga at Allahabad.

Fat, matured, loved, got divorced, cancer and died are 6 words I ignored in between, because it hurts me.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The year that was 07

Calender year 2007 had been very significant to me.

This was the year when I crossed the sea and spent almost half the year in another continent. This was the year I got Promoted. An year which gave me new ideas in cooking. A year in which I traveled the most in life from Brighton to Vynad and Glasgow to Dharmasthala.
A year when I used my Laptop for Vishukani.An year when Mark called me the 'black sheep’. A year when I got fed up of Chocolates. A year when I was nominated for the comedy hat.A year in which I used PowerPoint more than Excel. A year my parents pressurized most for marriage. Significantly this was the year I saw many topless ladies. A year I saw snow for the first time in my life. A year when I missed the mighty monsoon and the sweetie mangoes of 'thodi'..This was the year I felt most lonely in life.....

I am going back to some of the drafts in my posts which i really missed to publish in 2007 but was remaning as a draft.



Yesterday was my leaving do.

Initial gathering was at Lord Raglan pub in Wokingham at around 6.People started coming in .My Manager CH and all others had some hidden Agenda which I didn’t make out at all. Special thanks to Chris who turned up with his GF.

Round two, the dinner was planned at Prezzo, an Italian.CH took out a big bad. The first thing was a card, two bottles of wine. A big photo album, A load of Chocolates from Mars, a pen and finally a packet of plums.

I felt overwhelmed with joy. All the gifted things were what they knew I liked.

After that Mark told me that there was a function. Who ever leaves will need to have a drink called Sambuca. In the excitement, I said yes. A lady with sambuca, in a small glass, a white liquid with some coffee beans in it, it was lit and it was glowing came. Now I had to put out the fire with my licked hands and take it at one shot. I did so. My lips burned and all clapped. After some time everyone asked whether I was fine. I was ok.

Again they ordered for one more. I had. I was ok.

We had dinner and everyone compelled me for a disco. It was my leaving do and I was told not to say a ‘no’. So I said yes for everything

At the disco everyone started offering me water of different colour.I never said no to anyone. I remember Desa, the American offering me a Blue one. It was also cool.

It was really fun. I really don’t remember the rest.
Today morning I got up and stood in the shower for hours. Still the world was revolving around me.

Now they say Sambuca was the worst drink ever discovered on earth and they had planned it well for me.


3 of us took a bus form London to Edinburgh in the night. It was exactly like going from Bangalore to Kerala. Start in the evening, reach early morning.

It was dark all night but I didn’t sleep. I was seeing the glorious lightings and wondering in which world I was. I fell asleep towards the morning.

Suddenly I opened my eyes and saw though the window, a place, full of green, folks of sheep and mist. I felt as if I was in a wonderland.

Ramu had planned the trip. To make it cost effective, accommodation was planned in a hostel. Bed and Breakfast.

In the hostel, we were welcomed to a dormitory of 16 people. Fabulous. I remembered my MBA hostel and my bed. But, here together with girls-and beautiful, ‘shameless’ girls. Truly entertaining.
Food was awesome and internet was free.
I read in the hostel visitors book a quote from Maria, Paris who wrote “I saw a cow in the hills, but when I returned it had disappeared. Only those who have visited Scotland will understand what I wrote”

That was true. The hills were picturesque. So were the lakes and the Portobello.

We could hear the brave men singing:

Can you see the Saltire flying?
Can you hear the Lion roar
St .Andrew’s cross will proudly stand
Upon our Scottish shore.

Scotland! Home of the Brave
Where the Saltire’s flying high
And our hopes will never die.
Here in Scotland Home of the free,
Where our proud and loyal hearts
Will always be.

The people hate the British and they are proud of their heritage. Edinburgh castle remains as a remain of their claim.

Glasgow is more posh. Perth is a beautiful city as well.

At the posh(strip) clubs ladies turn up with their boyfriends. Men throw pounds like paper. Girls woo rich customers. Most girls speak English the wrong way and use extravagant perfumes and dance exuberantly. It is a feel of the culture of the rich and the way of making money.

Scotland reminded me of my home. It looked somewhere like my Motherland.


Rocking life had once rocked me with the Surname tag.
I am redrafting it with my New Year resolutions.

BAKSHI ( Surname of Byomkesh-the great detective who really used to motivate during childhood through Doordarshan)

B-Bathroom singing. I have always been good at it. Once I was even nominated for a family award once, but Ammu proved to be better that year. So this year will be dedicated for improvising

A-Aathmaksharangal is the name of my Malayalam blog starting this year for which I will be spending more time.

K- Kannada. This year I will learn to read Kannada

S- South Bangalorean. Yes, I will remain a south Bangalorean this year too.

H-Himalaya. Visit Himalaya this year.

I-Innovation, will definitely innovate some product this year. “entrepreneur in me is calling, where are you?”

Thats it!