Friday, January 25, 2008

Yesterday was my last day of life
Today I am a butterfly
I am a bee in my future births
After that
I am a wind
I am a wind in my future births

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Unniappam at my desk

“Eduthoo, Unniappama, eethu bhashakaranum thinnam”

Thursday, January 03, 2008


She sat on the sofa.Calm. Read something on Physics
“Every body perseveres in its state………except….by force impressed”
The sofa was now a bit old fashioned and evenings were more red some times.
She slept on the Sofa as if she was a virgin.
Later, from a car she read ‘Bombay-612 km’.Outside was green.
Bombay was a great city according to her. She read a lot and met people.
In her house, though laid on the table was this political book “Failed States”, unnoticed.
She returned back to her Village.
The Sofa had become more old fashioned and interestingly that was to some extent becoming the new fashion
She sat on in and wept.
Many moons later she got a letter.
“dear Mom….Americans treat me like hell, you are lucky enough to be free…..”
Later she met Ganga at Allahabad.

Fat, matured, loved, got divorced, cancer and died are 6 words I ignored in between, because it hurts me.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The year that was 07

Calender year 2007 had been very significant to me.

This was the year when I crossed the sea and spent almost half the year in another continent. This was the year I got Promoted. An year which gave me new ideas in cooking. A year in which I traveled the most in life from Brighton to Vynad and Glasgow to Dharmasthala.
A year when I used my Laptop for Vishukani.An year when Mark called me the 'black sheep’. A year when I got fed up of Chocolates. A year when I was nominated for the comedy hat.A year in which I used PowerPoint more than Excel. A year my parents pressurized most for marriage. Significantly this was the year I saw many topless ladies. A year I saw snow for the first time in my life. A year when I missed the mighty monsoon and the sweetie mangoes of 'thodi'..This was the year I felt most lonely in life.....

I am going back to some of the drafts in my posts which i really missed to publish in 2007 but was remaning as a draft.



Yesterday was my leaving do.

Initial gathering was at Lord Raglan pub in Wokingham at around 6.People started coming in .My Manager CH and all others had some hidden Agenda which I didn’t make out at all. Special thanks to Chris who turned up with his GF.

Round two, the dinner was planned at Prezzo, an Italian.CH took out a big bad. The first thing was a card, two bottles of wine. A big photo album, A load of Chocolates from Mars, a pen and finally a packet of plums.

I felt overwhelmed with joy. All the gifted things were what they knew I liked.

After that Mark told me that there was a function. Who ever leaves will need to have a drink called Sambuca. In the excitement, I said yes. A lady with sambuca, in a small glass, a white liquid with some coffee beans in it, it was lit and it was glowing came. Now I had to put out the fire with my licked hands and take it at one shot. I did so. My lips burned and all clapped. After some time everyone asked whether I was fine. I was ok.

Again they ordered for one more. I had. I was ok.

We had dinner and everyone compelled me for a disco. It was my leaving do and I was told not to say a ‘no’. So I said yes for everything

At the disco everyone started offering me water of different colour.I never said no to anyone. I remember Desa, the American offering me a Blue one. It was also cool.

It was really fun. I really don’t remember the rest.
Today morning I got up and stood in the shower for hours. Still the world was revolving around me.

Now they say Sambuca was the worst drink ever discovered on earth and they had planned it well for me.


3 of us took a bus form London to Edinburgh in the night. It was exactly like going from Bangalore to Kerala. Start in the evening, reach early morning.

It was dark all night but I didn’t sleep. I was seeing the glorious lightings and wondering in which world I was. I fell asleep towards the morning.

Suddenly I opened my eyes and saw though the window, a place, full of green, folks of sheep and mist. I felt as if I was in a wonderland.

Ramu had planned the trip. To make it cost effective, accommodation was planned in a hostel. Bed and Breakfast.

In the hostel, we were welcomed to a dormitory of 16 people. Fabulous. I remembered my MBA hostel and my bed. But, here together with girls-and beautiful, ‘shameless’ girls. Truly entertaining.
Food was awesome and internet was free.
I read in the hostel visitors book a quote from Maria, Paris who wrote “I saw a cow in the hills, but when I returned it had disappeared. Only those who have visited Scotland will understand what I wrote”

That was true. The hills were picturesque. So were the lakes and the Portobello.

We could hear the brave men singing:

Can you see the Saltire flying?
Can you hear the Lion roar
St .Andrew’s cross will proudly stand
Upon our Scottish shore.

Scotland! Home of the Brave
Where the Saltire’s flying high
And our hopes will never die.
Here in Scotland Home of the free,
Where our proud and loyal hearts
Will always be.

The people hate the British and they are proud of their heritage. Edinburgh castle remains as a remain of their claim.

Glasgow is more posh. Perth is a beautiful city as well.

At the posh(strip) clubs ladies turn up with their boyfriends. Men throw pounds like paper. Girls woo rich customers. Most girls speak English the wrong way and use extravagant perfumes and dance exuberantly. It is a feel of the culture of the rich and the way of making money.

Scotland reminded me of my home. It looked somewhere like my Motherland.


Rocking life had once rocked me with the Surname tag.
I am redrafting it with my New Year resolutions.

BAKSHI ( Surname of Byomkesh-the great detective who really used to motivate during childhood through Doordarshan)

B-Bathroom singing. I have always been good at it. Once I was even nominated for a family award once, but Ammu proved to be better that year. So this year will be dedicated for improvising

A-Aathmaksharangal is the name of my Malayalam blog starting this year for which I will be spending more time.

K- Kannada. This year I will learn to read Kannada

S- South Bangalorean. Yes, I will remain a south Bangalorean this year too.

H-Himalaya. Visit Himalaya this year.

I-Innovation, will definitely innovate some product this year. “entrepreneur in me is calling, where are you?”

Thats it!