Thursday, October 30, 2008


am addicted
To Coffee:
Yes I am addicted. Keeps me alive.

To Internet:
I have been using Internet for free since the last 7 years and therefore became addict; can’t stay away for many days. I have a set of sites and blogs I visit in a gap of hours

To News channels:
I am addicted to all the news channels on the TV. As soon as I switch the tv on, I go to these channels. I am crazy enough to watch Kannada, Tamil, Guajarati, Telugu channels though I usually don’t understand most of it.

To Carnatic music:
Addicted to classical. Will go to any place if I find there is a Classical concert at any point of time. Spends a lot of money buying CDs and spend a lot of time in the Internet hearing.

To Calling home

I am addicted to calling my home everyday.Wherever i am

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Diwali

I am on a frequent travel form Bangalore to Kerala and back. This is with respect to building, rather renovating my home. The work is in progress and I am really stressed. I want to write a hundred thousand things…but there isn’t any mood or time. I am totally tired. There is no ticket available in trains. I am on waiting list most of the days.

Future months are dark. I am lost.
Take care anyways!
Happy Diwali