Friday, April 27, 2007

Monsoon Part1

Today Amma was telling me that it rained heavily there.Monsoon begins only in June.Days when children start going to school.This is the normal anti summer spray of nature.

Monsoon used to be so nice in school and college days.Going in the school bus which had the shutters broken and torn here and there and small drops of water pouring through it which makes your new uniform wet and dirty. Sitting in the boring classes with wet clothes with fear of home work not done or done with wrong answers!
Still when it rains and children become lousy,teachers also keep themselves silent as if they also enjoy it.I have seen many teachers going to the window and watching the rain silently.At that time who knew that grown ups have such big issues in life.
Good memory of monsoon would definitely lead to umbrellas.Ayyo.How many have I lost.Am always a forget baby.Pencils,water bottles,pencil boxes everything i lose.But umbrellas were the ones which Amma has cursed me a lot for.

Monday, April 23, 2007

When they come.

Ram is coming

He asked me"what should I bring for you"?

I said 'bring Love'
That's what we don't get here.

He is coming in Jet Airways

Jet allows

So he can bring 38 kg .

Sudeep is coming

He asked me the same question

I said 'bring Laughter'

That's what we don't get here.

He is coming in British Airways

British dosen't allow much

So he can bring only 24 kg.

Totally 62 kg

Of love and laughter!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Today is World Earth day
Moreover My Birthday!
Public didn't know!
Orkut is Public,Blog is my Republic
Everyone here should know
For you read my mind, so do I
And You are my guests
We care for each other, know each other
So remember! Today is World Earth day
Moreover my Birthday.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Everyone say no more...

Friends! if you are a friend Aneesha Baig please let her sleep today. Too much man. She is too tired. For the last three days she was shouting outside Pratheeksha with a microphone ,24*7 ,what is happenning to the Bachan's and Rai's.

Aneesha is just a representative of the entire journalist crowd who had to do their worst job these days. Peeping into someone’s personal life. Bad man bad. I read all the tabloids here and I really don't see our media any different. See how much they exploit some one by telling that the Khans,Rani,Sonia,Vivek etc were not invited, evoking a lot of questions and doubts in the common man.

NDTV didn’t get any picture good so that they were airing glimpses of the GURU seen again and again and again. Funny .In the ad they show Prannoy for the 9 o’clock News they have the punch 'Say no more'.

Yes Prannoy, I’m telling you PLEASE NO MORE.


Yesterday in KBC,
There came two girls.
One was a Monkey!
One was a doll.

Yesterday in KBC,
There came a couple.
One was a Monkey!
One was a doll.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Q & A

A:After that...hmmmmmmmmmm....Sorry i can't
*KGS Poem

Sunday, April 15, 2007

4 days,27 Years.

12 April 2006
Rajkumar passes away in Bangalore .I had some critical projects with my then client Colgate Palmolive. I was working hard to complete it. Suddenly Bangalore comes to a halt. All people gets home by afternoon. I had to stay back at office. I had already taken holiday on 13th so that I don't miss Vishu.Never expected a tragedy that day. I never thought that I'm not going to come back that day. Misses train. Stays back at office. People attack the offices opposite to my building on the Commiserate road. We switch off our lights and works. Finally managers decide to take all the remaining people to the main office in Magrath road. But no Cabs available. Finally by midnight gets some cabs and gets security protection to the other office. I saw a disastrous Bangalore.While we were going, I could see one motor bike driver being beaten up in M.G.Road.People were running around mad. Finally reacheds office safe.

13 April 2006
Completes my work by 3am.Horrible day. Already missed my train the previous day. I had no hope. My greatest dream at that point was to reach at least my house in Jayanagar.Company had arranged a hotel near M.G. road, but I said no. I knew if I reach Jayanagar would have some chances of going home because there were other 3 people who also wanted the same.
I wait restlessly and tired in the reception. Travel coordinator asks every cab to give me a drop. No one agrees. Nobody can blame them, they were afraid. Finally seeing my plight one nice person agrees to drop me at Jayanagar 9th Block. Mean while my roomie Majith who had similar situation calls and says that there was one train at 6.30 to Coimbtore.He says that he was going to the railway station and his company has arranged a cab for him.
My Tata sumo went through the Roads which was almost emptied after a violent day.Small pieces of glasses spread everywhere; of the vehicles which were attacked during the previous afternoon and evenining.Really horrifying.
Manjith was waiting for me at the Railway station and I was going somewhere else. Now I wanted to ask the driver to drop me in the Railway station. I slowly started off saying that I wanted to take my bag from home and go to Railway station. He kept silent. Finally I asked him directly to drop me at the station. He bluntly said ‘no’. I was really upset. What to do? I said that’s fine and we were almost reaching my place,Manjith calls me. I talk to him in Malayalam, I tell him that I won’t be able to make and tell him to carry on.
Kishna plays suddenly after I keep the phone. Driver says that he will drop me at the station .Sudden intuition for him. I run to my home and take the bag already set the previous day. He drops me at the station taking a big risk, going to Majestic. I thanked him a lot.
2.30 pm
We reach Coimbatore station. So relieved, leaving a tensed Bangalore and the joy of reaching home for Vishu.The whole of kerala was in Coimbatore that day it seems. No bus. Will I reach before Vishu kani?,question was disturbing
Finally we get a Bus. But it was only till Eranakulam. Manjith was relieved as his house was in Perumbavoor.
We reach Ankamali by 8 pm and I had to wait for another bus again. Finally reaches home by midnight to sleep for some time and see the Kani.I was happy so was Amma.

14 April 1980
Amma couldn’t even breathe properly as her stomach was full, carrying me. I was fighting hard to come out soon. She was anxious. The wait was too much for her.12 years her after marriage.

15 April 2007
No chance of goin home.Amma misses her son.What to do.

Enjoy that’s all
2 am Kani.10 am Mr.Kutty Arrives. 1pm Payasam.10pm Newly Married BoBo & Tubes Arrives.later...Awesome dinner & Unlimited night of unlimited love stories.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Million Pound Hair cut!

It was last Sunday that I went to cut my hair. First time ever went in a train to just to cut those bits of hair. I heard that there was a Pakistani saloon, which cuts for 5 Pounds where as others cut for 12-15 Pounds. Oh no! So much money just for a hair cut. I remember I was once annoyed with a barber at Jayanagar who took 30 Rs instead of 25 Rs.
My mind was going 50:50; that the barber was a Pakistani. A Nepali taxi driver had told me about the shop. Will he cut my head instead of my hair? was my first thought.
The place Cholmely road,Cemetry junction,Reading, was pretty far from the town center .The shop was good and the boy who cut my hair was around 20-22.Nice guy. Before taking each step further he asked me whether he was moving in the right direction, which I wanted. I have never experienced such a good ambiance and culture in a Barber shop ever in India. Many people have experimented on my head since childhood. Some (most) have behaved like experts and have never asked me whether he was cutting according to my interest, or rather in the interest people who are going to see my head.
But this boy was different and truly nice. His Hindi had an Urdu touch. He looked like anybody in India...I was thinking while he was cutting.
Finally he took 5 Pounds and told me 'Thank you for visiting, Sir!' ,which I loved hearing.
Summary: A Pak youth put knife on my neck, I was not crying nor was he screaming at me...He was just doing his job and I was so happy as a customer. At that point of time we are just two human beings. Nothing else.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Someone to share

These days I have lost sleep. I sleep barely 3-4 hours after a hectic schedule at daytime. I don’t know what has happened to me. Mind is disturbing a lot. Sometimes the feeling that I’m so far from home. Sickness.Reji’s tragic death, Urmi losing her father, big silence after my colleague Sudeep left for India, not being at home for Vishnu etc etc… Many things are disturbing me.

I always had this notion that we should be among people whom we like and love -all the life, rather than being alone. Now it has become clear. I can’t be alone. I see people hanging around in the railway station, in the parks, on the high streets, along the subways, behind the trees, in the lift, on the stairs. Everywhere they hang around.. So happy people. With jealousy, I also feel if I had someone to share my feelings. I searched and searched and searched.

Finally I also have someone. This space on the web. My blog. My sleeping pills. Like any other blogger, a place to ease all the pressures of this life moment. My Girl Friend.My Blue.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Today being April 1,can anyone call my Amma and tell that i agreed to get married?So that we can fool her.Please do that my friends!!!please.....