Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Now I know how difficult it is to be when you don't remember things on you!

Oh my God!

For the fear of this,I was away for some days

Ok.sTart noW (Vidya who tagged me is suffering for it. she got allergy from this tag ...Read more here)

1)I was a late born child. My mother got me after 12 years of her marriage.By default I was supposed to be jailed with affection, but by design I was left my way I liked life to be.

2) I love to learn languages. More than Malayalam, I am proud of speaking Samscritham.In Bangalore I have a collection of folks to whom I just speak in Samscritham alone.

3)I am really absent minded.I often lose my personal belongings.In the last 1 year I have lost my Cell,My debit card,My Company Id,My house keys etc on different occasions.When ever something gets misplaced or lost in my house,everyone asks me to 'try and remember' it.Of late I have started to use a diary to write things down to remember.Yesterday I found myself searching the diary.

4) I love Indian music and dance.I know some ragas and very well understand most thaalas.I have learnt a peculiar kind of dance called 'koloam thullal" ,which I have never performed:(. I love Unnikrishnan and Bombay Jayashree for the way they are.

5) Basically I love the profession of Journalism. I am a product of Bhavan's Institute of Communication and Journalism. I always have the guilt that I'm in the wrong Industry!

6) I can very well mingle with people less privileged or people who are younger or much older than me. I can share jokes and have food with them. I can’t find much difference in people.

7) I am a professor's son and therefore I was always in limelight of his students and I always gained their love and care. I was used to College and when I joined it I was never so excited. I never wanted to join my Father's college for the fear of being ‘caught for silly reasons’ (these teachers act weird sometimes)

8) I have no more self appraisals and self praise so I should stop now. It is almost midnight and I have to sleep.Ah! 1 more thing which I wanted to hide. The first time I visited a Police Station was at the age of twelve. We were celebrating something on a road and the road was banned from celebrating it. We were caught and taken to the police station. There were around 60 people. We were taken in a Bus...There was nothing serious. After some time we were let free. Later in life I have visited Police stations many times and have spent much time there for serious reasons.

Now...I don't have any1 to be tagged...I really don't know any blogger..and people whom I know are tagged already.Anyone is free to take this...please tag yourself to me....please

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The sad story of the Wine

Reached Bangalore safe. Struggled with excess luggage.10kgs extra. Heathrow airport was filled with things I threw from my bags.

Called Anoop to Mumbai Airport and took 500Rs for the Cab in Bangalore, expecting Anoop to call and tell everyone this and pull my legs stating “a beggar has come from England” (in fact the exchange counter was closed in Mumbai and I had only pounds with me)

Went home last weekend. Amma is sick.Still she made all my favorite curries. Surprisingly emotional Grandma tasted wine that I got. She is the only person who told that the taste was awesome. The French one. Two more were there. An Australian one and one from South Africa. But I didn't show Her.

My Grandma showed primary symptoms of Liver damage a few years ago.She never drank though. But consumed more than an alcoholic. How??Raman Nair who works in our ancestral Ayurveda medical manufacturing unit had made her liver bad by giving Aristas(Ayurveda tonics) of her choice everyday.She used to finish bottles for different reasons she found herself-Self doctored ones. She did this from her childhood for her father and grandfather were Vaidyas.Her husband also being a Doctor she thought she has full rights of being a doctor herself and consume any medicine that she liked.

Now nobody gives her any Aristas.But i gave a small sample of the Wine.She tasted it.Suddenly it came “it tastes like Dashamoolam".Those eyes looked at me.I could read something there...

Sad I couldn't give her more.Those hands which treated me a lot.Those coins for chocolates and those new dresses for school...She was always good to me,but...