Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My 'avastha' from Monday!

Finally it is time to go! Hahaha now free masala dosa and kaapi...happy!!!me and Bobo had masala dosa last week in the England Punjab called was too too too good.2.5 pounds though:( Amma is making kappa next week hahaha...eeeh waah! super..

No good time now. i cut my finger the day before.Sis and niece were traveling and a rock fell on the car and it got damaged yesterday .Father is sick and we are worried cos chickun Guinya is all around my neighborhood back home...all worries around me!

Still im smiling and enjoying my final days here.sad to leave this beautiful place. really sad. no manager bugs u yaaar! no one disturb you nor worry one even cares what u are doing.nice food,nice climate and good friends..

and running back has a lot priya is happy that im returing and also sad that fighting is gonna begin from monday.Yes! fighting with driver ramesh in the morning and later with security for not bringing ID,then with everyone in the team for not gettin chocolates.then with some for arguing with me on my ‘change’...finally after a hectic day with my maid for not cleaning a dusty house and may be with the house owner over the money he is gonna take from me. ..

Meanwhile my leaving do is planned for tomorrow.sorry! i forgot to invite you all…Can we join at Lord Raglan Pub in Workingham at 7 pm and later for a dinner
at Prezzo?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thank you girls!

3.00 am, London; 7.30 am Jayanagar…

I am carelessly watching Playboy TV. It is playing the ‘Turn me on ‘ one…I think it is the one since I switched it on.

When I was walking in Edinburgh, a girl came and was shamelessly begging,’fuck me fuck me…’something we expect here but I was not horny then because the sky was more beautiful from the bridge at that moment in time.

Now Iam not able to sleep.
Thanks, Virginity is a word more used to express girls!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Likes 4&5 -The Taxi and the Tube

The Public transport in the UK is too good.

The taxis are damn expensive, but seeing them is sweet. They move around like beautiful young women (meanwhile I have a doubt these days that the Indian government is doing some selection of the girls they send to London, all are super yaar!)

The underground Tube is another attraction of London. I love going around in Tube. You can travel unlimited, if you buy a day ticket. Ticket prices vary according to the zones we select. I really admire the way they have built and maintained it.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Likes -3 M&S

I love food. In our country I love Aviyal. Here I love the UK food. I have to…

And by choice this is best food I liked. Be it sandwiches or be it fruits …everything is class! Superb.

Over 120 years of history.10 million customers a week.Marks and Spencer Rocks!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I will return to myself when I disconnect my Internet.Still U will be I

Dear Blogger Fraternity,

Till I talked to Vidya,I thought the bloggers were not real...I cant believe even now that Kammommy ever exist...Rajeev is also something...Shammu to kill my sleep...Soonyata don’t exist cant believe...Madly near me.Truly near me.You...are you all real??

People who are me. From absolute insignificance of life to something. Your posts like me, I don’t understand some, some I take for many days without sleep.. My snowy nights cozy your feelings .I romance your sweet minds...a weak jerk on my emotions, you make me laugh., People who are me. The people who are alone in the croud. People who wait for something always though there is nothing yet. just like that. Each one. Me.

Always I thought I was the only one with plain fantasy and I was the only one to close my eyes and see a thousand things around running like bacteria in a microscope. I thought I was the only one who liked the wind. Fancy even the smallest dot on a paper. Who frame sentences seeing something. I thought I was the only one who had a thousand things to tell. I thought I was the only one who spoke to myself more than to others. Always thought I was the only one who loved the sky.

But I knew people had problems. Still poor me thought I was the only one who was pained when it rained!! I knew People died. Still eccentric me thought I was the only one who loved to die. I knew People loved songs. Still I thought I was the only one who had thousand heartbeats when it played. I knew all had friends, still I thought I was the only one…

Now I realize you too…

I know most of you are sleeping. Who knows some will be crying in the bed ?? Even in this late night. You will be, I know. Even if you have no problems you might be crying, may be without tears...because you are I. May be without any reason you will be thinking of infinite things which has no meaning at all...just because you are I

I know I am real. But can't accept that you are.Still you have to be,because you are...


P.S. me know you have you and me within you. So this post is out of jealousy of you having something more than me:) and selfish me is afraid of all being different human beings.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Likes -2

My Team
MARS team rocks my life these days even to get me the coffee without even telling the number.They know my likes!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

My likes-1

The third day I reached here my Big ones asked what do I miss the most!it was too earlyto tell,still I told the obvious...
After so many days he asked me what i liked the most in the UK.
I liked many things and I think i shld post it one by one....series begins here!
1) My house

House is really good and we all love it, all the houses here are cool and since there are 3 of us, we have a big one. Three bed room one and I have selected the room with the blue paint. The attraction of the house is the barbeque place with the garden. Awsome!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Hat nomination and the Curries

Today i was nominated for the "Comedy hat" at my office. Me,for ordering a Chicken Tikka Masala at a Curry restaurant! while we were having the team outing Thanks to Steve,who did a bigger comedy otherwise the hat would have been on my head for the next one month.Havoo...

Got exited by seeing the menu,Kerala chicken curry,Kerala prawn curry and ended up ordering CTM...When one person orders for seven people this happens! They wanted me to decide the menu for all of them because they really are not able to pronounce each of them but they just rely on the numbers that represents them in the menu card. So I thought I would be able to make them have everything that I like and I shall have something spicy(nothing is spicy,you know)

It was a big comedy for them as they never order Tikka Masala at a curry restaurant ,which I hardly knew. Message was sent to the big manager from the restaurant itself and his reply came “love it”, thereby nomination as well…