Monday, December 15, 2008

I love you

It’s quite a while that the govt of Bangalore cut down on the power cut. It’s the end of darkness and silence.

But I love power cuts. I have been following them since my childhood. Even after a typical middleclass family like mine bought what the great malayalee calls the "emergency"(lamps) in our living room. For a Malayalee power cut is always there with him; close to his heart, like a sibling. Yes- I miss my sibling. Oh!

You know they are fun, the power cuts.

During monsoon when people cant hear each others voice due the sounding rain, comes power cut, or as the sexy malayalee calls the "current cut ". It comes like death; anytime you wouldn’t expect. But for some it is time to rejoice, esp if you are a homework hater and an anxious bed wooer. That is exactly because light is a villain in both these cases.

I would mind giving anything to my Sis except candles or kerosene lamps. I should tell you, though I hated the carbon emitting kerosene lamps, I always thought a jinn would emerge from it one day and save me from the cruel teachers; for the kerosene lamps looked like an antique Arabic Magic lamp. I had also told my parents that studying with my sister on the same table with the same lamp lit would annoy me as she looked cruel in the dim light, but I loved the bees and always helped them from falling into trap of the candles.

I loved the darkness which power cuts brought and most often fell asleep skipping my dinner which I never cared for. Still I liked to spend time in the kitchen with Amma enjoying her songs. I also liked to hear gossips which my cousins and aunts would tell my mom and often pretended as if I were deep asleep. Generally I liked to hear others speak in a low voice because if you shout during a power cut, then you are supposed to be an enemy of your neighbor.
I love power cuts at night because people tend to be introverts at that point. They start speaking to themselves. I am sure there would be less of notice and world seems so nice.

I love power cuts because I hate to act.

1.All Malayalees come home…Power cut is calling, "where are you?" .I mean come home for power cuts only if you like Salty flies in your Hot Kanji, which goes well. Great mouth watering….

2.Hey, can’t we promote power cut tourism, its great; Gods Own Country; mind you!