Tuesday, August 26, 2008


(Sound of dog barking)
Tak tak tak
Open the door…open the door
Eash: who is it?
Lak: Its me..Lak

Eash opens the door

Lak: I am..I am lost ...she ran away
Lak:the girl whom I .......loved
(Hugs) ...(Cries)
Eash: Come inside
Lak: what should I do? I need your advice
Eash: come lets cook food and then sleep...Otherwise come lets watch tv

Summary of the story
The best friends in life are people who know that you are brainless and still ask your opinion on critical matters

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ultimate destination

When I travel in the Kanyakumari express train, the best of beautiful women desert me at Palakkad, the remaining best at Trissur. I still keep traveling further to reach home because even though all beautiful things desert you, your home remains as the most beautiful comfort.

I am off to my ultimate comfort tomorrow

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mr. Kapil,the poet

So Mr. Solicitor
I saw you write poems
I saw
Walking the poem

Your poem on Atal
On Dec6!
On your next fly,
Please write one on Kashmiri Pandits?

You say “think beyond the nose”
Left sucks, isn’t it?
You say you wrote one on Inflation
Didn’t see you recite, because
London seems a cozy read
And wife’s shopping euphoria!

Never to forget, Nehru, your leader
Was more a English than you!

So did10, Jan path Mam like it?
May you get something like Mr.Doc!
Next time Sibal the giant supress
Bureaucratic files thamasha

Stay on stay on
Be more secular, end your life
In a bomb blast!

*I just saw Kapil Sibal on Walk the Talk.He recently published his poems!


तू बिन बताये मुझे ले चल कही,
जहा तू मुस्कुराये मेरी मंजिल वही !!
-प्रसून जोशी
Don’t know why I felt so nice hearing this.
Time is something which defies us all. I often find myself thinking that we are underestimating time. Life has evolved in billions of years, still to continue for another billion and more…considering the number of years we spend in this life, time is just so little. When we observe the bigger picture of time, war and peace; birth and death etc are so insignificant.
Not worried about all these,we love to live and we have thirst for peace. It is the basic instinct which defines life . . .

Today my life is engineered out of some hope
So am I asking time...please take me out somewhere...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The snack

Life is like a four o’clock snack. Sweet with laughter, spicy with struggles. What life snacks without salty tears sometimes?