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Friday, September 15, 2006

Review:Keerthi Chakra

Mohanlal film Keerthi Chakra is based on a real life experiance of terror that rocked Kasmir valley in the late 90's.Director Major Ravi(himself an Army personel) has done an extraordinary effort in bringing forth the realities in Kashmir.

Mohanlal brings out the actor in him once again as Major Mahadevan, the head of the top command force comprising of brave men..They are always there in the place of action where the jihadis try to disturb the peace and harmony of the valley by causing explosions or extortions. Popular Tamil hero Jeeva appear as Havildar Jayakumar, a trusted buddy of Mahadevan, who works in tandem to lead the activities of the command

The bondage of the indian minds with the soil of Kashmir,shared between the a commando force who braves the bombs and bullets of the heartless, recidivist jihadis in Kashmir valley. The film which dwells with the happenings in Kashmir has been powerful enough to essay the messages every army personal finds necessary to tell the people of the country. The director has very well focused to mix up his values of film making and the messages he is tring to put forth in a well compassionate manner, with out giving way to glorified nationalism.The power of the film is that it is based on a few commando operations and it has been copied with exact mixes of sound and pictures that are real.

The beauty of Kashmir is framed into the film in exact angles and the songs well fits in with the colours of the most important part of India.The plight of Indian soldiers in getting and maintaining the informers and some inside "politics" within the army is shown withinin the limits.This film makes every Indian proud in the sense that it shows brave our soldiers are and opens light to the whole world what really is happening in Karshmir.

Not many people can survive this song of the film without tears.

"Khudda se mannath he meri
Lot aa de jannath oh! meri
Woh aman ,woh chaman ka nazaara
Oh! Ghudaya lotaade Kashmir Dubara
Meri rooh ki thasweer mera kashmeer
Oh! Ghudaya lotaade Kashmir Dubara!! "

The final half an hour of the film keeps every one bite their nails.The plan of the terrorists to demolish the Hasrathbal Mosque by a missile from the roof of a house nearby keeps every one anxious.The director needs appreciation in finding the exact ambience inside a Kashmiri house with all the actors looking original.The Karshmiri people who acted needs to be appreciated as it makes the film more lively.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

With Prince

Me: Hi Prince
Prince: Hi Eashwar!

Me:Let me start with the same question that I ask to everyone,What is your dream for India?
Prince: India needs change. Change everywhere, right from our laws defined by democracy to the way we struggle for our lives. I want India to be free from corruption,If given a chance I would drive out the corrupt people from the face of this country.Corruption has taken deep roots in this country,now people have realized that corruption is a part and parcel of the day to day life in this country.If corruption is eliminated,we can work wonders in this country.India does not lack material wealth or knowledge wealth,but it lacks the wealth of honesty,magnanimity,righteousness among politicians,bureaucrats.If given a power to wish something for India,I will wish for the power to flush out the corrupt from the very face of India.

Me:You belong to one of the most beautiful places in the Country-Wyanad-Kerala, which his now a booming tourist destination. Do you see the threat to the environment is not being addressed properly?
Prince: I agree with you. To give an example, during my recent visit to my native, I happened to visit Soochipara waterfalls, a beautiful creation by nature. I saw tourists consuming alcohol and littering eatables near the falls. No doubt it is going to accumulate and generate a foul smell all around the area. When you said threat to the environment, can you agree with me that a small step from each one of us can address this great solution in a considerable way? I believe yes!

Me:You were one among the first batch MBA s who came out of DCSMAT. How do you see the “real life” experiences, looking back at your classrooms?

what DCSMAT is by implementing effective strategies and working with innovation. I can ensure you that once you complete your education from DCSMAT you can survive anywhere and everywhere with a cutting edge. Analysing Cases and indentifying problems to the precise level is always important in life,which we gradually achieved during our fights over cases. Remember to be passionate contributor over a coffee from Baby's shop or during a lousy Saturday evening.

Me: As always,it was a pleasure talking to you.
Prince: A pleasure for me too.

*Prince is a Project leader at GE,Global Infrastructure Services .He was my Classmate @ DCSMAT.He can be reached at

With Bopanna

Me: How do you see our Country in the future?
Bops: To begin with our country is huge.There is lots to be seen and explored, people have underestimated India, it is up to people like us to give it a future, a future everyone should look up to.

Me: What is your future plans in Symphony?
Bops: Plans are many.I just remember a saying "Dont believe in your future by looking at your palms, because even people without hands also have a future.

Me: Do you dream big?
Bops: I always use my MBA books as my pillow.So i dream big.Seriously speaking dreams are good, it brings out the creativity in you and yearn for more, so dream big....Remember dreams has not killed anyone.

Me: So you believe in Examination competencies than your managerial competencies.(U mean Bookish Knowledge is greater?)
Bops: To sum it all its your experince and your attitude towards life is all that matters, Remember not all top managers are rank holders, not all rank holders are top level mangers, books will not get you to the top.

Me: What is your message for the new generation of India?
Bops: Be what you want to be and not be what others want you to be.

Me:Thank you Bopanna .It was a pleasure talking to you.
Bops: Same here.Thank you

*Bopanna Vishwanath sits to the left of his team leader Subbu.He can be reached at

With Sudeep Pandey

Me: Hi Sudeep! How are you?
Sudeep: I'm Fine.Thank You and what about you??

Me: I'm doing fine as well.thanks!

Me: What is your dream for the Country?
Sudeep: I have a lot of dreams which i need to achieve in my life that can bring about some changes in my country.

Me: Can you be specific on some of them ?
Sudeep: See, i'm as patriotic as anybody else in this country.My dreams are genuine and specific.
I would be starting my own consultancy in the entertainment industry.As an event management graduate and an MBA ,I would love to be in the field of entertainment service.It could be self as well as public.

Me: So how is this going to help the Country?
Sudeep: My consulting would help people think better ,live better and practice living better.

Me: What is your motto for others?
Sudeep: For self realisation! towards your personal achievement and value enhancement towards your life.

* Sudeep sits next to me at my office and he can be reached at +91-09845146800

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vande Mathram-100 years of Chanting

Vande Mathram
Vande Mathram !!

Sujalam Subhalam Malayaja Seethalam
Sasya saamalam Mathram
Vande Mathram

Subra Jothsna Pulakita yaaminim
Bhulla kusumitha Drumathala soobhineem
Suhaasim Sumathura bhaashinim
Sukadaam Varadam Mathram Vande Mathram

Koti koti kanda kala kala ninaada karaale
Koti koti bhujair drutha Ghara karavale
Abala keno Maam Etho Bale
Bahu bala dhaarinim namaami Thaarinim
Ripudala vaarinim Maathram Vande Mathram

Thumhi Vidya thumi Dharma
Thumi Hridi thumi Marm
Thwam hi Praana sareere
Bhahuthe thumi maam Sakthi
Hridaye thumi maam Bhakthi
Thumaryee Prathima gadi mandire mandire Vande Mathram

Thwam hi Durga Dasha praharana dhaarini
Kamala Kamala dala vihaarini
Vani Vidya daayini Namami thwaam Namaami Kamalam
Amalam Athulam Sujalam Subhalaam Mathram
Vande Mathram

Syamalam Saralam Susmitham Bhooshitham
Dharanim Bharanim Mathram
Vande Mathram

Monday, September 04, 2006


Today is Thiruvonam
After celebrating 25 Onams in Kerala...

This time I will Celebrate Onam among the soft copies of reports which i need to send to all the 'world class' clients .......Colgate,Mcneil,McCormics

This time I will Celebrate Onam with Roti,Culcha,Bindi masala...

This time I Celebrate Onam with the E-mails and Sms that were send by my friends

This time's Onam has nothing to give me but silence...

Though I can hear "those songs" inside! inside Me!