Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Days are sunny,Software is difficult,Nandita is beautiful,Coffee machine is huge,India is far,Ram is hungry,Dreaming is an art,Sleeping is joy!!

No mood to write.Good night!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Lady -part1

Today my Amma was telling me about a proposal that came for me(please don’t laugh:( .Leave the girl .The parents are both Bank managers. Hearing that itself I told I don’t like Bank managers. Obvious statement from Amma came "Im not telling you to marry...

So to avoid these kind-a-proposals. I have made 20-lifestyle statements for my prospective wife. Every yes carries 1 mark. Every no carries 0 mark. The girl should be atleast-having 15 for consideration (atleast 2 if I fall in love:).

The statements are as follows:
1) I don't mind carrying a gun for my safety
2) I’m someone who likes kuppi vala than gold bangles.
3) I’m someone who reads the Vanitha and after 2 days recollects only the photo in the cover page and nothing else!!
4) I’m someone who has finished seeing all the serials in the whole world and who is fed up of it.
5) I would prefer KSRTC than a Private bus to travel in Kerala.
6) I’m a fan of Luttappi and Shikkari Shamboo
7) I’m a girl who prefers a cup of coffee than a glass of milk, when offered both.
8)I check all the rates across shops before I buy something costly.
9) I know what all are the ingredients required to make Unniappam.
10) I can tell you the name of my Grandma's Grandmother.
11) If given a chance I would love to spend the whole night on a beach just watching the sea.
12) I would definitely try the new recipes that I made with myself before serving to my hubbby
13) I’m someone who loves to sleep in a house with roof tiles on a rainy day than one with concrete roofs
14) I would love to share a part of my seat to someone tired, while traveling.
15) I’m someone who will always be aware that I'm carrying an umbrella and never forgets it somewhere
16) I will invite my nursery school friends for my marriage
17) I will stop an auto in the middle of the journey if I feel the driver is cheating me!
18) I’m a lady who would force my managers to grant a 10 months maternity leave or otherwise resign the job without hesitation.
19) If I get a big recognition, the first thing that I would do is to call my home.
20) I dare to tell anyone that” “I have a dream"

How is my idea?? I can sleep now without worries!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Break my chains!

I bought her a garland
The same garland she gave her Groom
I was sad; but I didn’t cry nor did I die.
I knew it was a Garland not for me
Still I bought the one with flowers plenty
Of her like, fragrance, style and say.
Because I knew her as me and me.
I gave her dreams with colors plenty.
The same dreams she took alone, sans me.
I was sad; but i didn't cry nor did I die
I knew dreams could be made cost of free

Today I sing a new song, lines profound
A song that ends with a happy note
I can see a new Sun far east, full moon tonight!
New flowers, new dreams!
Dear! Come out of the darkness, let me see...
Still I’m chained,can’t run to thee
Come, break my chains and make me free.

Monday, May 07, 2007

As expected Enikku(me) veendum(again) vattelaki(mad). Since the last week. Sorry!!
Ram came and as I had told him he got me so much of love +1Popins+2 Munch(chotu)+25 Pan Pasand+1 Five Star +1 Mango Mood +10 Candy Man+23 Gas muttai. All these Desi Sweets is for a presentation, which I have soon. My idea is to give Pan Pasand first and make people soft (remember “shaadi or thum se…”)

I have become a mental- at -work .Though I enjoy it more than the Apricots with Ice Cream and Cream at CH. Meanwhile I heard NIMHANS has an offer. If you refer someone you get Fifteen Hundred Rupees, a radio and a blanket.Please enquire and if it materializes, refer me. Remember! I have changed my name to Parameshwar again.
Now a days I am more confused than my confusions during the SB days (between Amaravathy,New theatre,the Post Office,Vidya Bhavan,…Bhavan….Bhavan).Where to go!
Power Point and Excel are my Big time friends these days. Both act as if they are drunk more than Praveen and Hemanth sometimes.Go here and there and I run behind!

In total,I'm enjoying the madness though too much for my thanlamanda (beautiful head!):)
Pray for me friends!!! Pray for me.