Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cho eats too much!!

Its my home @ Bangalore and its late night and the theatre is on...
there are two guests here. Both are Virgins and are mad. I envy both cos they work from(for) home most of the days and I work the ridiculous office out.
And today @ Theatre are 3 actors
The story is of a Japanese writer turned actor, Jeremy Cho.
Cho is currently working @ Trivandrum and is a business analyst. His friend Valaulikar was working @ a famous research firm @ Bombay and is now employed in Bangalore
And the villain Sashi, a research consultant. me!
Cho is currently in Bangalore for some research and is working from Sasi's home. Meanwhile he is not paying Sashi any rent. Sashi is annoyed by this.
Also Valaulikar offered Sashi a flight to Kerala and later declined .Sashi is pissed off by this decision
Sashi decides to throw both Cho and Valaulikar out of his house at this time of the night.
Keep you posted on later developments if Sashi is alive...