Sunday, February 22, 2009

Recruiting "Change"

Each soul is potentially divine
-Swami Vivekananda.

One of the greatest threats in modern management is the limitation in identifying human capacity. Recently I heard an interviewer saying "I interviewed an idiot in the morning". I am surprised the way one person analyses the capability of another person in just a few questions. The biggest dilemma of modern management is its weakness to see the potentialities of human beings beyond the so called "skill sets". Managers find it difficult to find the proper candidates for their roles.Most of the time the perceptions of interviewers go wrong. Companies find it invariably impossible to comply to recruit the deserving candidate to the deserving role.We shouldnt ignore the fact that enormous amount of money is involved in recruiting and maintaining candidates with improper skill sets.

Here is the importance of transformation. Transformation,a state of Change, isn’t just through motivation . Here is where a manager needs to posses higher Transformational Quotient (TQ). The higher the TQ, the better. Top-level management needs to make sure that there are Mangers with higher TQ at the middle level. It is the lower level of management,where the bigger teams are, so the middle level managers, should and will, find it extremely difficult to manage teams with lesser set of desired skills.

Now, what is TQ?

"Jalamabhyasa yogena
Shylanaam karuthe ksheyam
Karkashanam mridu sparsham
Kimabhyasanna sadhyathe"

-A saying in Samskritham quotes, "water with its perseverant and continuous touch, converts hard rocks silky, People with harsh intentions; with "soft touch" can thus be transformed to better human beings. TQ is higher with people who have that soft touch that never aims at immediate results.

One of the recent readings that inspired me was Coelho's "Eleven minutes" where Maria, a prostitute in search of "Personal light” interested me. Here when I say about personal light, I mean the uniqueness in people, their capacity and core competence; which may or may not match the desired skill sets for the role they handle. It is the potential and passion they posses, the capacity of which could lead them for a better career, may be in a different role. TQ is higher with people who search personal light in others.

A person with higher TQ is often a scientist.He experiments his people with permutations and combinations of roles.He is one who believes in probability and chance.He is a psychologist who can read minds.He is often driven by change.One thing that suddenly clicks my mind is the O-effect that shook the world recently.Politics hardly varies its manifestations across continents, but the general mood that Obama created in the States, lifted people across the world. We shouldn’t forget that Change was the most important and strategic catch of his campaign. Probably Change was the biggest idea that sold in 2008.That was because each human being thrives for change though he may not exactly know how the change that will happen may look like. From Krishna to Marx, social engineers understood the capacity of this word, Change. Change is a choice but, like what Gandhi said, be the change, to see the change. A person with higher TQ conceives the impossible and inevitable change, way and far, before the team sees and goes through it. However the change could be bilateral. Mangers with higher TQ must also be ready to be the change themselves.

TQ is an important aspect of change management. A successful manager tries and succeeds in transforming his team to the desired skill sets by identifying the divinity in people.