Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What connection?

What is common with all these movies?
1)Sex and the City
2)Mamma Mia
3)Devil wears the prada
4)Die Hard 4.0
5)Indiana Jones
Correct answers to win attractive Chocolates!

No one has come out with any answers.I am a loser .......tplang
Though in the office folks came with answers like "TV soaps","A" rated etc which were wrong.But one of them came out near the right answer

All has connection with Chocolates
Special edition Chocolates and Sponsorship promotions with Mars

1) Sex and the City-Galaxy ...read the news here

2) Mamma Mia-Maltesers …watch advert here

3) Devil wears the prada-Galaxy…watch advert here

4) Die Hard 4.0-Snickers watch advert here

5) Indiana Jones-M&Ms and Snickers read the news here

Die Hard even had a scene where Bruce Willis was seen eating Snickers…But “Directors final cut” removed it.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Whatever you need

I trust you

As long as I’m there,
I trust you
I know you are right
But I trust you not for that rightness.
It is solely for your life
Your secrets-
Shall ever remain as they are!

I trust you though we haven’t met
Ever in life-nor meet ever
Still I need to tell you that
I trust you.
Because trust is what you need.