Saturday, June 13, 2009

The diary

After making a terrible nonsense prediction, I was off and away from blogging for sometime now. I don’t want to say something like IBNs Rajdeep said,I' knew that UPA is going to get such a superb majority ;x xxx had told me this, but i didn’t say it on air'.For me,it was rather an unexpected defeat for Advanji.

Leaving my politics apart, I have been traveling in and out of Bangalore and is having a wonderful time with my darling, the Indian Railways on weekends. As my house renovation is at its final stage and i have been fighting with people over ideas and implementations, weekdays have become hectic between carpenters, painters, electricians and my lord, my client. Because my client is sweet; I am surviving without bad injuries like Sreesanth.

Ah! Its monsoon again and its time for the nano, I mean Poppy nano. Meanwhile I ate a lot of mangoes this year with Pineapple and Mangosteen too. All from my garden itself . Meanwhile I have never told you that I am a madambi, I dont know its exact translation; but could be something like "poor man with low livelihood but rich material prosperity". I am that. Actually my whole family is that.

From Monday morning till Friday night, I eat junk and is predominantly someone with high metropolitan eating habits. As and when Saturday dawns I am the one with the highest Olive index, meaning a premium orgainc species. Amma would be ready withTapioca and chutney and recently with a lot of Jackfruit puzukku (boiled raw jackfruit).Then may be a Thiruvathira puzukku (translation is the same :)) with cheembu, kachil and chena (cant'translate,but they are roots of supreme quality).Then in between i have Mangoes and Pine apples and many other fruits. So its kind of a organic weekends.

So things are a bit under control; I mean Health. On a different note, I read a lot during the last few months and I started writing a book myself. I cant say whether it will ever get published; but the fact is that though it doesn’t gets published, it will remain a dairy of a tiny human being lived little time in the life of this universe.Again,it will only remain for little time.My dairy.May be to an unnoticed decay.