Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jan 9th

Today is a very significant day in my life as I complete one year in Symphony. It is a significant day because my retail experience stated counting exactly one year back,
The last one was very important in the retail context of India as well. The year I stared my acquaintance with the retail industry, the retail scenario has a new charm.

The India Inc showed bullish trends in total; across industries. Especially in retail where the new players started punching in and all global retail giants started dreaming India. More important is the fact that the top Indian Corporate houses now have a retail dream.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Kumbhakarnas everywhere

Kate asked me what my New Year resolution was and I replied ‘not to sleep in office’.

She termed it excellent and told me she too has the same resolution

I understood that people sleep in the office across continents

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Saddam's Death and the Pseudo Anti - American Show off

2007 started off with a lot of thoughts. As the weekend was long I thought of traveling and this time the destination was Chamundi hills.

The train journeys gave room for some thinking on Saddam and his sad death. The fact that he supported India on the Kashmir issue public ally when the major Muslim countries backed Pak; evokes a mood of sympathy for him.

But rather I’m stunned by the row that has taken place in my state over the issue. The pseudo anti American show off by the Left and the Congress makes us ashamed about their political guardianship .Another significant thing is the over reaction of the media to over highlight the issue as if a hero of Indian origin had been killed.

Saddam deserved death as he always tried to destroy human beings who were against him and has been involved evoking racial hatred ship. Declaring a bandh on the killing of this kind of a person certainly makes one think fishy on the cause. Both congress and Left together conducted the bandh and it was a huge success. Terrorist organizations like the NDF and PDP took to the streets and marched along with the Left and the Congress leaders shouting slogans against America and Bush. They even attacked the City bank in Cochin

My dear leaders of Kerala” Killing of Saddam is not the killing of a Muslim; it is the killing of a former president of Iraq. Iraq is an independent state, far away from India. Please don’t cry so much on his death. The seeds which you are sawing now will one day become a deadly tornado and wipe you out into the depth of chaos. Don’t encourage Muslim fundamentalism in the name of secularism”

Monday, January 01, 2007

Joyious week gone.

The last of December was fun filled at the office.A fun committe was formed and they were organizing events.The Biggest one was the theme selections that they did each day


Some pics will tell you..........



Munna Bhai

MEin hun Don